Based in Rustington, Littlehampton, est 2004, Osteoactive Osteopathic Clinic offers more than just Osteopathy. We know that Naturopathy, Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Foundation Training are all key to increased Health and Well Being.

We do know however that many patients will simply want an Osteopath to treat bad back pain, a sports injury that might simply be a pulled muscle, or a running injury that is a result of a bad running style / gait.
Our team of Osteopaths provide a wealth of experience and are committed to providing the very best in Osteopathic care.
Treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs and time is taken, not only to help relieve you of your symptoms in the short term, but also leave you in better shape for the longer term by improving your body's function.
Whether you suffer from pain and stiffness, injuries related to work or sport, chronic illness, or stress, or if you just want to enhance your life with natural health practices we can help.
Osteopathy in Worthing


Treating the musculoskeletal framework; the joints, muscles and spine, promoting total body health by positively affect the body’s nervous, circulatory and …

Naturopathy Natural Nutrition

Naturopathy & Nutrition

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Osteopathy Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

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Osteopathy Foundation Training

Foundation Training

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