Nutritional Laboratory Testing

Functional laboratory testing may be recommended as a means to gain further understanding into nutritional status and/or biochemical imbalances.

Laboratory tests are done through internationally renowned laboratories such as Genova, Dr’s Data laboratory and Regenerus laboratories.

Why Test?

Functional testing helps to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how your body is currently functioning, and as a result allows us to design a more individualised therapeutic strategy. It allows us to accurately monitor progress and thus increasing the chance of success.

While testing increases the initial cost it often allows a more specific strategy to be designed and thus a quicker return to health and well being.

Examples of nutritional tests available

There are many functional tests that may be of benefit. Some of these include

  • Genetic testing
  • Digestive function assessments
  • Adrenal stress profile
  • Liver function
  • Thyroid function
  • Neurotransmitter assessment
Nutritional Laboratory Testing