Jacqui Black, Bsc (Hons) Ost Med, D.O

Jacqui has a special interest in biomechanics and in particular the influence the feet have on knee, hip and back problems. She enjoys an active life competing in local cycling events, triathlons and regularly plays tennis.

Prior to training as an Osteopath, Jacqui worked as a personal trainer and sports therapist and regularly draws on this experience, integrating exercise and Osteopathy in to her treatments. She is also qualified in Western Medical Acupuncture, Ultrasound and Myofascial kinesiology taping, and may also use these as part of treatment where appropriate.

Ongoing studies into biomechanics has developed her keen interest in how our bodies move and she is regularly attending courses on functional movement. She enjoys working with individuals to identify postural bad habits or muscle dominance’s that may be causing chronic pain or poor performance in their chosen sport. Many of Jacqui’s patients are local athletes of all abilities.

Osteopath Jacqui Black